A Still Life Series: explained in six bullet points

Hannah Dinz

My cervical cap is lavender coloured and smooth and soft. When I requested a cap, the nurse was really confused and strongly advised me I should have the coil or implant. I wanted to control my contraception and put it in and out as I pleased. The implant gave me a three year-long vaginal infection. So itchy!!!!!!! After I had received my cap, I went to the chemist to buy spermicide (which you use when you insert it). The shop assistant said “hahahahaha maybe we sold it pre-1970s” and laughed me out of the shop.

My cat always sits next to the cheeseboard and licks the sides.

According to the Museum of Contraception in Toronto, Casanova invented a homemade cervical cap from a hollowed half of a lemon (lemon juice is a natural spermicide?) The first actual cervical cap was invented in 1838 by Frederick Adolphe Wilde. It was then provided in the first ever birth control facility in Amsterdam in 1882 receiving the name the ‘Dutch Cap’.

I like the aesthetic of crafts and textiles as it makes me think of a women only entity or space, which is where I feel the most safe. I like that craft is decorative and functional.

I did an adult learning course in textiles printing. My friend Frances said that my fabrics would be ideal for table-cloths as they would start up good conversation.

Cervical cap tutorial videos are extremely detailed, educational and visually interesting. I recommend them to everyone!



Pussy and Dome


Snow Globe


Thank God for Casanova and His Cap

© Hannah Dinz. Images made on Photoshop include cat, found objects and linocut printed fabrics (fabric inks on synthetic fabric) handmade by artist, screen shots of cervical tutorial videos on YouTube.