A Journey Unknown

Rudy Loewe

A Journey Unknown is a short comic that looks at the experience of the migrants aboard the Empire Windrush in 1948. It is a brief snippet in history, meant to peak the reader’s curiosity to find out more about black history in Britain. Without following a singular protagonist, it builds up a general idea of what the voyage would have been like for the travellers, many of who had never been to England before. Much of my work looks towards the current and historical experiences of black people in the UK. An ongoing goal in my practice is to dispel the myth that there were no black people in the UK before the Windrush generation. However, I have used this moment in history as a starting point for this work, as it remains as a pivotal event. Rather than a singular piece of work, it will feed into a larger project that goes further back in history to present a range of black British narratives. Another important part of my practice has also been ideas around accessibility and how these stories or histories are shared. Much of my work is available online as to broaden the audience who can experience it. It is necessary that my work is available both in print and online, as neither medium is all-inclusive.



© Rudy Loewe