City Cells

Cat Utting

For the re-entrant solid, to be received almost anywhere on earth. To the superficial furrows between the three adjacent cells. Meeting three by three in four edges, to link up and cross-connect so that necessary patterns of human behaviour can occur. Here they meet two by two. The transmission of material goods, or persons, of messages. By drawing lines between the dots, our system takes physical form. Churches become warehouses, then bingo halls. The edges are circular arcs e.g. kilovolts, trains, passengers. The city was a system, the tensions of its own walls, and we have only got to convert this plane diagram into the corresponding solid. The skeletal matter tends to be developed normally to the surface of the sphere. We must bear in mind the fluid nature of distinction. A surplus of material forms a little point or cusp at each corner. The surface-energy reaches its maximum.

fig1 fig2 fig3 fig4 fig5

© Cat Utting, 2015. Rotring pen on A3 paper.