Orlando + Snatch Documentaries: fundraiser and launch party

Philomena Epps

On Sunday 7th December 2014, I collaborated with Jasmine Pitt and Alexa Sidor from Snatch Documentaries in running an event at the Rose Lipman Centre in Haggerston. For Orlando, it marked the first release of Issue 0 and the launch of our new digital content. Snatch screened their 'Kids on Gender' film for the first time, inviting the cast and their families for a private screening in the morning, and then showing it to the public later that afternoon. All three of us spoke to the audience about our projects and the intersections between them. Prints by Willow Garms, the on site photographer for the filming of 'Kids on Gender', were exhibited alongside some of Josie Rae Turnbull's new work. Josie's series 'The Spilled Sublime' features in Issue 0. There was also a live performance by the band Benny and Cheesegrinder - an accordion, viola, double bass and cajón quartet. Snatch and Orlando's aims can be seen to complement and reflect each other. We both believe that sharing resources and ideas is crucial if you want to make a more significant change. I loved the concept of their film and I respect them as young women trying to pave the way in a difficult and male dominated industry. The ethos of both our ventures encourages one to be open and inquisitive, and casts a refreshing new light on entrenched attitudes about how we should experience our identities. I was inspired by the creative innovation that emerges from collaborating with like-minded groups, and hope to curate more exhibitions or events from Orlando in the future.

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